Wed-Sat 11:00am -6:00pm 
977 Hwy 71W /  Bastrop, Texas (between FM20 and Hwy21) / 512-308-9989

What is Bastrop Producers Market, Inc?

Wed-Sat 11am-6pm

GOOGLE EARTH IS WRONG-CHECK MAPQUEST. Located west of Bastrop, TX off Hwy71, it's an indoor farmers market open 4 days a week, where one person sells for many individual producers. It allows producers to sell at fair farmers market retail prices without sacrificing the time to be at market. And it allows for the individuality of the local producer, by offering room for the farm/producer to be identified, post photos, recipes, general information and sales points.

Bastrop Producers Market, Inc. (BPM) is made up of different kinds of producers, with an emphasis on local sustainable and organic food production. Since we opened, we have attracted a wonderful assortment of vendors. Each week brings another new vendor and more products our customers request. Come and support this new idea in local markets. We make it easier to be a locavore with real food at fair prices! We take VISA/MC/Discover/American Express credit cards, cash, checks.

We are in the big red building off the eastbound lane, south side of Hwy 71, between FM20 and SH21, west of Bastrop. There is a 2 way access road that runs beside Hwy71 at this point, starting at the Ford dealership just east of 21 and going through to the FM20 and Hwy71 intersection. We are on that road about .6mi east of the Ford dealership.
We are a block west of Bastrop Auto Works, beside the new Synergy building. Look for our sign "Bastrop Producers Market" a small banner that says "Local is Here" and a red flag. If the two main gates are open, the market is open. Walk up the 10ft wide ramp and turn right. Welcome!

What's in the market this week?

For the week of May 25-28, 2016

SALE on Duck Eggs-1/2 price!!!

Thanks for shopping local!

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BPM has a licensed COMMERCIAL KITCHEN for rent!  Just $9/hr/2people. Our commercial kitchen offers first time and small business low startup costs and flexible hours and the best view.

Chem-free local CUCUMBERS are back!!

Yes we have local fresh chem-free CARROTS.

We have DUCK EGGS from truly loved ducks!

Granny's Worm Farm brought HEIRLOOM TOMATO PLANTS. Raised without chemical nasties, these are the sets you have been looking for!

New from EatMe!  Real HANDMADE FLAX CRACKERS! Slow dehydrated to preserve everything that makes Flax good for you, these are crackers done right. Come by and try!

EatMe! our new line of  heat-n-eat products is now offering  Squash/Mushroom QUICHE, made from local, pastured eggs, organic coconut milk, organic cheese and Gluten-free crust.


BPM now carries SUN WARRIOR products: Raw Vegan Protein Powder, Ormus Super Greens, Maca Powder and Liquid Light for now, more to come.

Grass-fed LAMB from Mick Family Farms.

Alaskan SALMON and COD and Pacific ROCKFISH..

We stock Kosmic KOMBUCHA-Groovey Green, Texas Blues, Salty Dog, and others.

Pastured CHICKEN from Windy Meadows Farm in Campbell, TX. Whole birds and pieces parts processed at Windy Meadows Farm. Breasts, thighs, quarters, ground, even sausage!

Kala's Kuisine has SOUPS: Spinach, Tomato Basil, Butternut, Dahl Soup, Pakora and more! Some of Kala's are also Vegan and Gluten Free. Thaw, Heat and Eat!
KIMCHI and FRESH SAURKRAUT are another specialty. Kala's Kuisine has expanded their line. We are excited to get these award winning SALSAS and CHUTNEY. These salsas are SPICY, the Chutney not so much. All are the most flavorful sauces you have ever eaten. Come and see why this lady has been winning wherever she enters! Many of  her products are Vegan and Gluten-free.

From Yaupon Mercantile comes TEXAS YAUPON TEA. Used during the civil war as a coffee substitute, it's the only tea from here that has caffine. Dried and processed right here in our kitchen. Come by and check out this unique tea.

We have started stocking items from Essential Living Foods. They specialize in raw foods. We have Organic Grass Fed WHEY (cold processed) COCO  MOJO ENERGY ELIXER and HIMALAYAN SEA SALT.

We have GLUTEN FREE flours (Amaranth, Teff, Hazelnut, Millet, etc.) also Guar Gum, and Udi's GF Bread, Rudis GF Bread, GF pasta Gluten-free SOUPS, too!

Those delicious BABY BELLA (Crimini) mushrooms from Kitchen Pride of Gonzales are here! You've never had fresher and they are local! It's great eating local

We have Happy Chick EGGS from Lockhart. Pastured, certified organic, the  name says it all!

Yegua Creek Farms joins us with shelled PECANS. They also brought hardwood mulch. Yegua Creek offers Champagne pecans, cookies and TEXAS TRASH, as well as whatever they  have decided to experiment with that week.

Our fantastic pastured BEEF is from Bastrop Cattle Company. Beef that lived in a pasture without hormones or antibiotics and never went to a feedlot. Processed in a small local facility that is USDA inspected. Raised by farmers paid a decent price for their goods-this is one of the most important things BCC does. Most farmers are at the mercy of middle men that pay low prices per pound for the feedlot. BCC gaurantees it's farmers a set price that encourages them to want to keep raising grass fed beef. Imagine! Also,  Bastrop Cattle Co. inspects it's farmers to make sure that what they promise is what you get. It's the hands-on style of this small business that makes the products so superior to mass produced meats. Ground, Stew Ground, Chuck, Sirloin, Tenderized Cutlets, Sirloin and Ribeye Steaks, even some real beef DOG BONES. Pasture beef is healthier, grown the way Mother Nature set things up to be: better for the cattle, better for us.

Peach Creek PORK is in our Market! Small local producers offering free range, antibiotic and hormone free Berkshire pork, we are lucky to get some of their sausages (breakfast links, Italian, Garlic) and sliced ham, even some ribs.  With writeups in the AustinAmerican Statesman, Austin Chronicle and others, Peach Creek has attracted attention because they are raising their heirloom Berkshires in a pasture, and happy pigs make the best pork. If you are going to eat pork, come and get some of the very best!

Hard Times Farm has a fine Bay Leaf tree, so if you want to know what cooking with LOCAL BAY LEAVES is like, here is your chance. From a Bay Leaf tree in Bastrop. 

Need BULK GOODS? 1-50lbs? For now we order once a month, usually at the end of the month. Organic grains, flours, nuts, dried fruits, spices-come by or call and place your order. Pick up at the market, no delivery charges!

4 Sisters has stocked all kinds of chem-free alternatives: LAUNDRY SOAP, Dish soap, Hand soap, tooth powder, lip balm, deoderant, and more! Come by and check out alternatives! Also available are classes on how to make your own healthy alternative cleaners and personal items.

Moravia Barnyards is featuring hand mixed HERBAL TEAS. Several flavors nicely priced with ingredients which include: elderberry, peppermint, spearmint, fennel, chamomile and other herbal medicinals in delicious mixes.

Nada Moo is GLUTEN/DAIRY FREE, organic ingredients, coconut milk based, sweetened with agave and brown rice syrup: this is one frozen treat you can feel good about. For all those who had to give up dairy ice cream, a delicious treat, for those who can still eat ice cream, a healthy alternative.  Lotta Mint Chip, Vanilla...ahh, Chocolate

Hill Country Homestyle Canning out of Fredericksburg has SALSAS of every kind: Mild, Jalapeņo, Habanero, Peach, Garlic, Very get the picture. Also pickled carrots and ketchup-hot and mild. They now stock pickled beets, pickled garlic, sauerkraut, and pickled jalapenos...from hot to mild. Even their popular Chow-Chow. Oh, and PICKLES and pickled OKRA, too.

Spotted Goat farm has local raw HONEY. For Bastrop, this is as local as it gets! Honey, the original, organic sweetener. Also back are the varietal honeys from Walkers, a 5th generation bee keeper that takes the hives on the road around the US. So we have Buckwheat, Florida Tupelo, Starthistle, Orange Blossom, Sourwood, Clover, Blueberry, even some comb honey. Each a different flavor. 

The market has brought in Dr.Bronners liquid soaps, Beanitos, Almond Butter, Lungberg Organic Rice, Bobs Red Mill Gluten/Wheat/Dairy free Mixes, Redmond Sea Salt, Organic molasses, Organic Crackers, GLUTEN-FREE CRACKERS, GF PASTA, GF CHIPS, and many more GF products. Braggs unfiltered raw organic vinegar, liquid aminos, Organic Coconut oil, Pecan oil, Olive Oil and more!

For the critters we stock Earthborn Holistic CAN CAT and DRY DOG FOOD.

We have Pure Rain, bottled RAINWATER. This is water that never saw a municipal water treatment plant, never touched the ground. The purest. We now sell it in 1/2 liter & 16oz bottles. Collected in  Smithville.

Tai Chi People has an entire line of Chinese Medicinal Herbs for all needs. Special mixes by Shifu Hwang, Master Herbalist as well as more common herbals like Tiger Balm.

Dr. Faye brought SHEA BUTTER, NEEM OIL, and MORINGA OIL and SOAPS to the market. For you and your pets. Pure, handcrafted and great for skin, come see what the fuss is about. All natural products from Mother Nature to you!

We feature a large board for advertising lost/found and for sale items. No charge, so go ahead and advertise those sellable items and lost/founds. You never know who will want them...

Clothes Encounters stocked some beautiful SHIRTS, DRESSES, and accessories. It's about style!

We have handmade RUGS from recycled sheets. You will wear out long before these rugs do! They are durable and washable!

Baby Boo Boo's TUTUS brought some adorable tutus in a variety of colors. Handmade and pretty colors at a great price

Scented Pleasures continues to supply a fine selection of SOAPS, SKIN BALMS, bath salts and candles. You can get lost for a long time just trying to decide which one smells the best! Made with ingredients you actually recognize! The entire line comes in a wide variety of essential oils. Rub the Analgesic Balm on a sore or hoarse throat for quick relief. Put a dab on fever blisters, more quick relief. Scented Pleasures CANDLES  are back, an incredible selection of scented candles.

Miracle Garden specializes in products from the Moringa tree. SOAPS, skin balm, silky SKIN OILS, even Moringa Tea. Google the Moringa tree and you'll be amazed. "Miracle Balm" quickly heals small cuts and dry skin. .
We have some wonderful TABLES and plant stands made of recycled wood and tile. You will not believe the prices, other stores call this a sale!

We have beautiful hand knitted SHAWLS that double as lap blankets. Or lap blankets that double as shawls. Warm and lightweight, "The Comfy" is like a hug; when the AC is too cold you can stay warm in style. Made of high quality yarn, washable, in a wonderful variety of colors. Not just for winter!